When you’ve always dreamed of going to India, you need to consider a location. Rajasthan is the largest state by area and attracts about 14% of the country’s total foreign visitors every year. It is located in the north western area of the country and is home to a significant amount of the Great Indian Desert. There is much to do in the city and it is also highly regarded as a shopper’s paradise.

When you decide to travel to Rajasthan, there are a few things you will need to know, including how you will arrive. You will need a travel visa to get here but they are usually granted as long as you don’t have any kind of criminal record. You can book a flight into Jaipur, which is the capital of the state and the largest city in Rajasthan.

More than likely, you will want to stay in Jaipur on your holiday to Rajasthan. There, there is much to do, including a number of forts and monuments. You will be able to see the Amber Fort, the Rambagh Palace, Jal Mahal and much more. The city is also referred to as the Rose Pink City because the city was coloured in terra cotta in 1876 to welcome Prince Albert.

Throughout Jaipur, you can spend time in the many gardens and parks. This includes the Jawahar Circle Garden, the Ram Niwas Garden and many more. There are also cinemas, a village resort and much more to take advantage of throughout the capital city.

When you want to leave the capital city, Rajasthan has the Keoladeo National Park, which is a World Heritage Site known for the number of bird species. There is also the Sariska Tiger Reserve where you can take tours to view the beautiful felines in their natural habitat.

You won’t be able to leave empty handed when you visit Rajasthan, either. It is famous for its semi-precious stones, handcrafted items and textiles. You can find a number of carvings in bright colours and they are known for having cheap prices on jewellery, sweets, wall paintings and much more.

You can begin planning a holiday to Rajasthan over the internet. You will be able to find hotels at various price levels and much more, making it an exciting and affordable holiday.

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